If you would like to understand more about canine wellness and an holistic approach that explores the physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual health of your dog and how this can affect a dog’s natural communication and behaviour, Kachina Canine Communication hold dog wellness and behaviour courses over one, three and four days both in Northumberland, the North east of England as well as nationwide. The general theme is focusing on how to optimise a dog’s wellbeing potential and to maintain a dog’s relaxation response.

All courses are taught by Dr Isla Fishburn and focus on the fundamental need for an animal to feel safe and how emotions influence the behavioural response of a dog. Using her experience of animal behaviour, zoology, canine biology, behaviour and learning theory Dr Isla Fishburn will talk you through the canine wellness, the different causes of wellness, what is normal, what is abnormal and why abnormal behaviour can occur in dogs through one or several different routes. Dr Fishburn will discuss the importance of wellbeing and what we need to consider in order to provide our dogs’ with a life that is healthy, balanced and that meets the needs of each dog as an individual.

Dogs, like any animal, need to have freedom; freedom of movement, choices, escape, feelings and opinions. This is what these courses explore and teach you about the causes of dog behaviour outside human influence (e.g. training) and how these shape how a dog responds towards certain stimuli. You will come to understand the wellbeing of each dog as an individual and why no two dogs are the same. You will learn about:

~ Applying a wellbeing framework to our dog’s every day living

~ The natural biology of a dog

~ Lessons from nature to understand canine behaviour

~ The different causes of behaviour, what is normal and what is abnormal

~ The vital importance of diet for life and health; why diet and health and diet and communication are linked

~ Natural competition in dogs and why, when and how does this occur

~ The first principles of trust and calm energy a dog needs from you – its role model and teacher

~ Natural communication from nose to tail, miscommunication, conflict and how dogs communicate to each other

~ What is aggressive behaviour, why does this occur, when does it arise and how can we prevent/control it

~ The importance of environment to a dog, to us and the natural life stage of a dog

~ The importance of human guardians and their effect on a dog’s wellbeing

~ The benefit of natural healing approaches to help a dog’s wellbeing.

~ How the emotional/mental state of your dog can impact its behaviour

~ How we, as human role models for dogs can alter the way they respond and what we need to consider about ourseves

~ The benefits of natural healing techniques and why dogs respond well to them

You will gain many skills and techniques to learn how to optimise your dog’s wellbeing potential and how to ensure you and your dog are uniting via natural alignment. This will support you in observing your dog from a totally different perspective, improve the connection you have with your dog and deepen your spiritual connection; a necessity for health and wellness for all.

There are a range of courses that I offer to suit individuals, dog owners, dog professionals or a family who wish to know more about child-dog interactions or who are considering adding a dog to their family. The courses that I offer include:

(a) One to One courses with owner and dog

(b) & (c) Three & Four day course covering an holistic approach to understanding and communicating with your dog

(d) One day course providing you with an introduction of how to view your dog as an individual and adopting an holistic approach to dog wellbeing.

(e) Workshops for the family covering responsible dog-child interactions and promoting positive relationship between child and dog.

(f) Holiday workshops – book yourself a stay in Northumberland, surrounded by spectacular food, countryside, sea and fine food. Several options to choose form where we will work with you and your dog.

(g) Roadshow consultations – the course is brought to you and we work with your dogs.

Please view individual course options below to learn more about each course.

Choose a course that is right for you and your dog:

(a) One to One courses (from £175.00 per day)
By popular choice from those wishing to bring their dog and wanting a more private class and more time working with their dog, I now hold individaul courses over one to several days. You will learn new skills, approaches and understanding to develop your ability to communicate with your dog through balance, trust and respect. This will allow you to become attuned with your dog and support him/her to feel calm, confident and to have balanced behaviour.

Please conatct me at Kachina Canine Communication if you would like to arrange a one to one course.


To allow for personal instruction, individual interaction and a comfortable environment with other course attendees all dog courses allow a maximum of 8 people per course, unless otherwise arranged prior to booking.

(b) Three day courses (from £220.00; a little theory then a lot of fun!)

2017 course dates:
~ Friday 17th to Sunday 19th March.

~ Saturday 26th to Monday 28th August.

~ Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October.
(c) Four day course – give your dog a go! (£285.00 or £245.00 as a spectator)
This course covers all subjects of the three day course. The last day gives you opportunity to bring your dog with you and apply the principles and techniques you have learnt on the three previous days.

2017 course dates:
~ Friday 17th to Monday 20th March.

~ Friday 27th to Monday 30th October.
(d) One Day Course (£49.00)
The one day course is designed to be a bite-size version of the three day course. Here, snippets of each day of the three day course are taken and condensed in to a day. The day is theoretical and does not usually allow time to apply practical examples.

2017 course dates:

~ Saturday 6th May.

~ Saturday 23rd September.


(e) Promoting Positive Dog-Child Interactions; a workshop for the whole family (£45 for two adults and up to two children*)

This workshop is aimed for families that may or may not have a dog but who wish to understand how to safely allow dog-child interactions. Stuides show that children are more at risk from being bitten by a dog than an adult and, whilst most bites are superficial, such an event can lead to negative outcomes for both the child and the dog. For instance, the child may become frightened of dogs for the rest of their adult life; the dog may become fearful of children, receive incorrect discipline as a result of the bite and the owner not understanding why a bit occured, or at the very worst, be put to sleep.

Any dog of any size and any breed is potentially dangerous as any dog can bite – that is one of the reasons we co-existed with these animals thousands of years ago, for protection and hunting purposes. As the human population grows, so does the number of homes that have a dog yet there is little understanding of why a dog may bite a child and how to put the best guidelines in place to avoid conflict and create positive dog-child interactions.

The course will allow the family to work together and learn about why a dog can show reactivity towards a child that is a family member and how to interact with dogs that are both known or unknown to the child and family. You will learn why touch, movement, age, activity, sound, other younger children and reactions as a parent can inadvertently communicate to a dog that it needs to show a negative response or become reactive towards a child. You will also learn how quick and subtle changes can affect a dog’s reaction towards a child and how to identify when a dog is displaying signs of uncertainty, unease or distress when interacting with a child or when a child is present. Often these signs are subtle and missed by dog owners that believe the dog bit for no apparent reason. You will gain all the tools you need to feel comfortable in allowing dog-child interactions under controlled supervision.

You will also have chance to interact and act out scenarios with DICE (Dogs Interacting with Children through Education) the dog.

These courses will be held on select days over the summer holidays. Each course is limited to four famlies with two to three children. Where best, families that have children within a similar age group will attend the same course date. At the discretion of Kachina Canine Communication, dog(s) may or may not be present at some point of the day.

*additional children charged at £8.00

(f) A holiday with a difference (prices vary).

Most of our dogs today have comfortable lifestyles (sleeping, eating, exercising…back to sleeping again) while us humans are always trying to keep on top of our hectic ones. Why not reverse the roles for a few days and put your dog to work while you spend some time relaxing and enjoying time away from the stress that life can bring. In cooperation with Phil & Liz, owners of No 6 at Druridge Bay Guest House, Kachina Canine Communication offers unique dog behaviour & training holidays with just you and your dog. So, you don’t entirely get to do nothing all day but set within an idyllic area you can learn about your dog’s behaviour, adopt new skills that are best for your dog and improve the relationship between you and your dog in a totally stress free environment; just you, your dog, the tranquil countryside and the peace of mind knowing that you can now understand and communicate with your dog simply by going on holiday!

Please contact Kachina Canine Communication to enquire about any of the above courses

Learn, Live and Love with Your Dog! An Introduction to understanding, improving and healing your dog’s behaviour & wellbeing through balanced energy, mutual trust and respectDr Isla Fishburn