It is said that nature has a cure for every ailment and, for true wellness, we must include natural healing practices in to our daily life. What is true for ourselves is also true for all living beings, and dogs are no different. Perhaps you are interested in supporting your dog’s wellness further, are interested in a particular practice, have a specific issue you need further support with or feel like you need some advice about your dog’s health but where a wellness consultation is not required? Then the current range of practices that Kachina Canine Communication offers may be just what you and your dog need!

  • Applied Zoopharmacognosy (AZ) – £80.00.
    AZ comes from the observation that wild animals have the ability (or knowing) to optimise their own health through carefully selecting and utilising natural plants, which can have healing properties. Unlike the immune system of animals, plants have their own immune system that typically include a variety of naturally occurring chemical components. In addition, a certain part of a plant itself can offer healing properties to a sick animal, or one who is deficient in some way. AZ is the practice of offering a range of plant remedies to a domestic animal so the animal itself can select what remedies to work with in order to regain health and balance. Whilst a powerful and often effective approach to healing, it is a supportive approach meaning AZ is not a replacement of veterinary treatment, but a complementary technique. AZ can be used to improve wellness of an animal that is unwell, has certain conditions, is in pain, stressed or anxious; it supports in the process or returning that animal to normal functioning and the whole process is individualised. The AZ approach that Kachina Canine Communication applies follows the work and teachings of Caroline Ingraham of the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy, where Dr Isla Fishburn studied and qualified as a practitioner.

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  • Energy Healing – £30.00.
    Dr Isla Fishburn is a L2 Reiki Practitioner and has worked with many dogs using this style of energy healing. Reiki is founded on the metaphysical law that states illness/disease is the result of being out of balance with the universe and being out of harmony with oneself. Wellness becomes affected due to disruptions in the flow of vital life force within our being. Reiki is a safe and gentle hands-on healing that can increase energy, reduce pain, produce deep relaxation and improve the overall feeling of wellness. Reiki is never forced on the animal and, like AZ (described above) the animal chooses if s/he wants to have a session as well as the duration of the session. A dog may choose to have a full body Reiki session or may want only part(s) of the body to be worked on. This form of energy healing is intelligent meaning the energy travels directly to the source of the problem, whether this is known or not.
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  • Life Energy Diet – £30.00.
    Hippocrates stated that an individual must eat right to heal right. Kachina Canine Communication believes that diet plays a fundamental role in maintaining a dog’s wellness and optimising health. Due to her experience as a wolf handler where feeding was a huge part of wolf welfare and having given talks on canine diets, Dr Isla Fishburn can offer advice on what diet you should be feeding your dog as an individual. Isla’s focus is on providing foods that she describes as having life energy; those foods that are still fresh, vibrant and full of energy. The food we feed a canine should not only be species appropriate but should also be foods that support the animal at a cellular level, providing support for that individual to function as a whole system. It is becoming common knowledge that 80% of a mammal’s immune system is located in the digestive system, meaning a healthy gut is vital to your dog’s wellness and maintaining strong immunity. There are some foods that your dog certainly needs to be eating to maintain good health and there are some foods that a dog could eat, but Dr Isla Fishburn advises against giving these foods to your dog, if you want to support their wellness.
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  • The Balance Procedure (TBP) – £20.00.
    Dr Isla Fishburn is a practitioner of The Balance Procedure, that has been founded by Jenny Cox. TBP focuses on maintaining the relaxation response helping to reduce stress, a large cause of wellness issues for both humans and other domestic animals. TBP was originally created to transform the feelings of stress and worry to feelings of peace and relaxation but this practice can be used to support your dog’s emotional journey. The practice itself is very straightforward and you are shown how to use TBP to transform your dog’s stress responses. Please note, TBP will not resolve behaviours of an aggressive, nervous or anxious nature but provide you with the tools necessary to keep your dog in a longer state of relaxation and to support your dog when moving from a state of relaxation to a state of fear or flight.
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  • Bach Flower Remedy – please contact for pricing.
    Bach Flower Remedies, like TBP (described above), were originally created for humans who suffered with illness as a result of emotional factors including depression, anxiety and trauma. The remedies are based largely on the essence of wild flowers and tree blossoms, where the energy of the flower has been collected and this is used to transform an individual’s negative emotions in to positive emotions. This is said to free the physical system so that the body can fight disease and stress and improve the wellness of the individual. Bach Flower Remedies are widely used today to support the healing process of a dog who is suffering with emotional issues of where they need mild support due to a change in circumstances (e.g. moving home, a new baby in the home). Dr Isla Fishburn has is trained to a L2 Bach Flower Remedy standard and combines her knowledge of canine behaviour to identify and select which remedies are most suited to the dog.
  • Homeopathy remedies
    Echinacea Flowers

If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices or would like to book one for your dog, yourself or for both of you then please contact Kachina Canine Communication and we will be happy to speak with you and look forward to assisting you with your dog’s wellness journey.

Wellness is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit and being connected with nature. Maintaining the relaxation response must include the ability to think clearly, have restful sleep, good diet and digestion, abundant energy, healthy skin, balanced behaviours, and a sense of peace. All of these are important for wellness.