At Kachina Canine Communication we want your pup to have the best start in life. Being a pup is not easy. There are so many expectations, so many things to learn and so many things that can go wrong. Every experience is an opportunity for your pup to learn something new or to enhance what your pup already knows…and to succeed, your pup needs you.

Of course, every individual is unique and your pup will have its own beliefs, opinions and feelings about daily experiences. This is why it is important to know how to introduce your pup to new experiences correctly; our world is a pretty scary place for pups. They need time, patience, care and love to support them and to maintain balance as they mature in to confident, loving and relaxed adults.

Getting a puppy is a big commitment and, if you choose the wrong pup for you, it can change your lifestyle for the worse rather than the better. At Kachina Canine Communication we gather all manner of information from you and, from this, design a programme and advice sheet on what pup is most suitable for you and the steps you need to follow both before and when your pup arrives to its new home. You will not be left on your own and follow up sessions can be arranged at your convenience to work with you and your pup.

If you are undecided about what pup to choose we also offer a service where we can select your pup for you based on the information you have provided about yourself, your family and your lifestyle.

Equally, if you are happy with your puppy’s development but have minor issues that you would like explained and need advise on, Kachina Canine Communication can provide assistance and guidance on small and large issues, including toilet training, mouthing, retrieve, recall, food defense etc.

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

The same principles from our puppy programme can be used to help owners that have recently acquired a dog from a friend or family member or have a rescue dog.

Although the dog may be older and past its early life stage, we work with you and your new dog on building a partnership and ensuring the dog remains within his/her relaxation response.

If you are already having great success with your re-homed dog but have some specific issues that you need help with, Kachina Canine Communication can support you in transforming your dog’s emotional state. For instance, does your dog have issues with certain people, is your dog only going to the toilet in the garden and not when on a walk or vice versa?

New additions to the family?
Are you planning on having a baby or are expecting soon? Or are you anxious about bringing a new pup or dog to your home where you already have another dog(s).

Kachina Canine Communication can assist you with any concerns you have about new additions to the family and provide advice about how best to introduce your new baby to your family dog, new pup to your family dog, or even, your children to a new pup.

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It is more important and more productive to concentrate on the relationship between human and [dog] than it is to concentrate on the results we hope to achieve. Because in truth, training is nothing other than attunement.Gawani Pony Boy