Every individual is unique; every human, insect, plant, animal…and dog. This means that wellness consultations arranged with Kachina Canine will consider the individual uniqueness of your dog; their birth, their diet, medical history, life events so far, exercise, interaction, sleep patterns…the list is quite extensive. This means we will send you a detailed wellness questionnaire that asks specific questions about you, your dog and his/her environment (we also ask for a picture of your dog too. This helps us focus our energy and intention on returning your dog to its natural relaxation response and improves wellbeing). We take this information and put together a working strategy that supports the wellbeing of your dog and his/her emotional state along with any questions you have. Don’t be surprised if we ask questions about you, too, as you are such an integral part of your dog’s feelings of love and safety.

At Kachina Canine Communication we focus on the need for your dog to feel safe and for your dog to be in natural alignment with itself to optimise your dog’s wellbeing potential. Your consultation will consider the psychological, physiological and physical state of your dog; the whole organism.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to providing your dog with ways to transform his/her emotional state and to observe a happier, calmer and healthier dog. It is about understanding, care, patience, commitment and love.

At Kachina Canine we focus on your dog as an individual and because of this, we are aware that different dogs need different consultations. Our consultation options include (choose the one that is most suitable for you and your dog’s healing):

  • (a) At home only (£90.00 for 2-3 hours; within a 10 mile radius of Morpeth mileage is not charged) Additional visits can then be arranged at Kachina Canine Communication training area for a :-
  • ~ full day (£165.00) this will depend on your dog’s limitations as a full day can sometimes be too much for some dogs

    ~ half day (£75.00)

    ~ per hour basis (£35.00)

    • (b) Behavioural Consultation plus Zoopharmacognosy session(s) priced at £125.00.
    • (c) One day consultation priced at £250.00 (this includes a standard consultation plus a one day workshop set at a later date where you will learn more about the emotional state of your dog and how to support your dog’s wellbeing.
    • (d) Telephone/skype consultation priced at £35.00 per hour (at Kachina Canine Communication’s discretion, depending on the support your dog needs).
    • (e) Roadshow consultation – we come to you (start at £350.00 for two days exc. travel expenses)

    After a consultation you can also request for the following additional information:

    ~ short summary report (£12.00). Provides bulletpoints of what was discussed

    ~ Full report (£45.00). Provides a comprehnesive write up report of what was discussed, what was suggested to you, the advice given and how to implement this advice, as well as what further steps can be taken


    We adopt an holistic approach and observe your dog as an individual. We work with you to empower your dog’s wellness and emotional state, transforming your dog and enhancing your relationship.