Welcome to Kachina Canine Communication; committed to improving the quality of life for your canine and you by improving the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of your dog.

Here at Kachina Canine Communication, we focus on your dog’s wellness and emotional state. How your dog feels is fundamental to transforming your dog, allowing for their wellbeing potential to be optimised and for your dog to be balanced. Did you know that your dog’s emotions affect their:

  • Physiology and physical body
  • Behaviour (your dog responds based on how s/he is feeling)
  • Learning and Interaction
  • Energetic vibrations

Arguably, how your dog is feeling is the only aspect of the dog you need to pay attention to because his/her emotional state affects its entire functioning (from cells to behaviour). Some scientists say that how an animal feels is the only thing that really matters. Kachina Canine Communication supports this belief. Your dog’s emotional, physical and mental states all need to be in natural alignment for optimal wellbeing and health.

The fundamental need of any animal is its survival and to feel safe. At Kachina Canine Communication our passion is to support your dog by seeing him/her as an individual and working in partnership with your dog, holistically. This means we see your dog as a whole organism that is unique; your dog’s physiology is unique, health is unique and emotional state is unique.

Reaching and maintaining your dog’s relaxation response is key to how your dog is feeling and their emotional state. Empowering a dog to feel safe in their environment will allow the dog to stay in balance with its natural self and state of emotions. That is why at Kachina Canine Communication we focus on many aspects of your dog’s wellbeing to support his/her behaviour (and where we feel the advice you need is out of our range of knowledge, we will put you in touch with other professionals who can guide you). These aspects can play a part in how your dog feels and responds and include:

  • memories of past experiences and trauma
  • development
  • species appropriate diet (your dog’s gut is fundamental to its health and behaviour so what your dog eats is of great interest to us and we are passionate about dog’s being fed correctly)
  • health and disease
  • the emotional state of other individuals (which means you also have to be empowered!)
  • environment

By supporting you to empower and align the emotional state of your dog, you will be able to achieve a happy, contented dog that you know is being allowed to work to its full potential without fear, uncertainty and with much needed calm and trust in you.

To support your dog’s emotional state and regain balance, there is a range of practices that can be used along side the conventional behavioural work that Kachina Canine Communication offer (add link here).

Dr. Isla Fishburn has incredible knowledge about wild and domestic canines and uses her background as a zoologist to help explain the behaviour of our best friend, the domestic dog. Dr. Nick Thompson